Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day to Day....

We've had fun times lately visiting with those fantastic Robinsons, freeing Ali from the binky*, camping in the backyard, and making massive bubbles.  

Max took this picture... we were rather impressed!

Happy to be camping in the backyard!  She especially loves her pink bunny sleeping bag.

One of Max's favorite parts of camping is playing games in the tent.

I love, love, love how she will put her arms around me.  Sometimes when we are sitting on the couch, she tries to put her arm around my shoulders.  I could die with happy.

I love that they were as big as Jonas!

Making these bubbles has been on Glenn's bucket list for awhile.  They are pretty awesome.  Even if it did take a scary trip to Walmart to pick up liquid glycerin...

Ali got to pick out a new baby doll for making it through the week binky-free!
 She was very intent on the doctor kit baby.  

I just think she's cute!

 *My dear friend Shauna was over and I mentioned that I needed to get serious about de-binkying Ali.  A moment after I finished that sentence, Shauna turned to Ali and asked if her baby Mayan could have her binkies "because she needs some more".  Ali said sure and went straight to her room for them... with me trialing her the whole time trying to explain that she would not get them back.   Shauna reinforced what a big, kind girl she was and how she didn't need them anymore.  I was terrified and secretly kept two reserves just in case!  I had promised Ali that if she could go for four days without her binky, we'd go pick out a new doll together.  The first day and a half were kind of rough (although, she was a cinch compared to Max!).  The first night she bawled and bawled and I played songs on the piano to try to distract her.  Finally she asked for water and I went in to tell her how very proud of her I was, how I knew it was hard, and that I wanted to help her.  She was so sweet, drank the water and told me "Mom, I'm proud of you too." Then laid down and didn't peep again for it that night.  By the third night in, she told Glenn "Mom says I don't need my binky- I'm a big girl".  She is a strong & good one, this Alison Kim. Sure do love her!

Friday, August 24, 2012

He's SEVEN (well, and a month...)

Max turned a fantastic seven last month and I failed to document it here with the wild times we've been having.  So this is my attempt at redemption :).

(Next year is supposed to be his party year, but we're together daily with our next door neighbors anyway so we figured they should come along for Chuck E. Cheese and Cake...I know, way to stick to my resolve!)

(Note the Halloween Lego train in this picture-- Max's big birthday gift.  He got up at 2 am to open it and was sent back to bed.  Not thwarted, he got up again at 4 am and built the whole thing by the time we had woken up!  This boy ADORES Legos.)

Lego Lover
Fort architect
Snaggle toothed
Believer in prayer
Present lover
Math natural
One of a kind
Sweet Big brother
Mom's other set of Eyes
Rule follower
Ever growing
Ever impressive
Ever lovable....


His Fort-e

Ah forts.... Max's new obsession.   
Four rooms? 
Two story? 
No problem.  
He'll do it.  
It's like living out his creating dreams in real time and space.  It's a lot messier than Legos... 
but who could say no to that satisfied little face?