Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just life lately...

A few moments of late:

* Max randomly decided he had a goal of doing 500 push-ups this morning.  So he did them.   Then he made his own lunch and snack, got himself dressed, combed his hair, and brushed his teeth without anyone asking.  Where did I get this little man?

*I learned a warm blanket from the dryer might be the trick to actually getting Jonas to really go to sleep for nap time (well, and bribing him with M&M's for his new gumball machine might have helped too)...

*Two days ago our lovely friend was over right before Valentine's Day.  As she tucked the kids in bed, she said "Kids, I want you to pray for Aunt Sara to find a husband." :)...

A moment later, Max popped up and said "You're lucky you asked me because I have very good prayers!"

*I totally lost track of time today and missed Max's school  pick-up time by 15 minutes (a first)!  I felt awful as I ran up to get him from the office.  His first words were: "Mom, I was freezing!"

Hot chocolate was only a natural part of my penance on that one.  We all gathered around the table with hot chocolate, whip cream, and marshmallows sipping happily.  Sometimes I wonder why we don't do that everyday.

*I have a mean canker that hurts like the devil when I eat chocolate.  This may be an answer to my prayer for help to get some self-control on my love for chocolate!

*Last week Jonas was very sick in bed and I stayed with him to sing him songs and tell him stories. After a while, Jonas decided it was time for him to tell me some stories.  He told me the story of how I got him.  This is it:

In heaven there was a race, and I drove a purple car in the race.  There were loops and a very high jump (I didn't look down).  I won the race and Jesus told me I could pick anyone I wanted.  I pointed up in the sky at Jonas and said, "I want that one.  I want that perfect boy."   And I was so, so happy because I wanted him so, so much.

Completely epic.  I buy it.

Lovin' it!

For years, I have wanted to hang some of Glenn's art on our walls.  He never felt like there was the right piece to put up, but this year I started the real begging.  It was #1 on my Christmas list.  I left a spot on our wall in the living room to hang not one, but two pieces of his work :).  I poked.  I proded.
I practically cried when he'd work on any other project.

So, when Valentine's Day came and I got this beauty, I think you know exactly how I felt!  What fun to be married to an artist with such a sweet heart.  Glenn, I'm one lucky gal.

Grandpa's 90th!

My sweet Grandpa Tanner turned 90 last month and Glenn was AMAZING and sent me off to the open house in Utah for the day.  Yes, I literally flew into Utah in the morning, and back to California 5 hours later.  This has been such a difficult year following Grandma's passing.  I am always impressed that through the pain of it Grandpa remains a gentleman and so dear and thoughtful. 
 I really love him. 
 Happy 90th Grandpa T.!

Stealing some time with Grandpa at breakfast before all the guests came.
Dad and his girlfriend Mi Hui

A binder I made of 90 memories of Grandpa from his kids and grandkids.  It was REALLY fun to read these!

Grandpa's family: Zola and Carolyn


It snowed while I was there!  BEAUTIFUL.  Trevor was more fun though.

Thabo was awesome and went out to shovel walks.

Peter and Inge!  

Oh, I love him.

Aunt Ali (who my Alison Kim is named for)

Cousin Peter and his two ladies (mom and girlfriend)

Tarynn and her darling Ella

Uncle David and Aunt Steph. They are incredible.

Trev driving me to the airport through terrible (and beautiful!) snow.  Sweet guy was my chauffeur all day-- and such good company.  I know I am saying it a lot here, but I can't tell you how much I love and respect this guy.  He is finishing his bachelor's degree in Engineering this semester at the U of U and just got accepted into the BioEngineering Master's program at the U starting in the fall... and he's not even 21 yet!  If he looks tired in this photo, he probably is- up early with little sleep... he has constant major homework from 28 credit hours this semester!

I just like this one. Reminds me of chilling in the car with my brother.