Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A LOT has happened around here....

Summer has been in full force already-- back to Utah for my Dad's wedding and to see Granddad Doug, Cory and kids came for a couple of visits (we snuck in a Disneyland trip on one!), the Murphey's visit, and tomorrow Adam and Landen McBride's visit!  We've potty trained, and vegetable trained (long story).  Couple it with daily summer entertainment tactics (puppet & bouncy ball making, kite flying, archery, painting, Chuck E. Cheese, hiking, museums, etc.)... and we have been busy.  Next week we begin some summer classes (Lego robotics for Max, iPlay summer sports for Jonas, swimming in a couple weeks for all three).

My biggest problem with summer... Being BIG.  I can't go anywhere-- park, church, store-- without people commenting on it.  It is not that my whole body has grown out of proportion, but let's say the middle looks like I should be having this baby any day now.  I still have 3 months to go. THREE MONTHS.  It is to the point that I almost cry every morning when I get dressed and cannot bear to look in the mirror.  I daily go for several mile walks, I am trying to eat well.  This is just a fourth baby on a body that has already given each child an Olympic sized swimming pool for gestational purposes.  This guy just thought he should get it a few months early.  Ulgh.  You'd think I'd just be able to buck up and think "So glad we have a healthy Baby Boy in here!" And I can for a few minutes-- but then that I can't take 10 steps without someone bringing up the topic again. You put that slam of "You are BIGGGGGG" with already sensitive pregnancy hormones and I am tempted to become a hermit for the next few months....

This is to show my belly, not Ali losing it :)

Mike was ordained a high priest-- it was really neat to be there.

Shawna and I are a few weeks apart- this was a moment of pregnant brain telelpathy.

Dan "trying on" Ali's swimsuit.  She thought he was so cool.