Thursday, March 28, 2013

He Rocked It!

After months of diligent training-- hills, 12 mile runs, electrolyte drinks-- Glenn rocked his Agoura Hills Half Marathon this past Sat.  He kept a great pace and we were beyond proud of him.  He pushed through some pain and even bruised feet to come in with a time that paced him about a 10 minute mile---  which is AMAZING, especially considering the hills that man had to run.  As we drove back to his car, I just kept saying "you ran these hills???"

It was really cool to watch someone I already loved and admired make and keep a hard goal like this.

It was pretty hard to be there on race day having not participated.  After our two 10 K's this year, it really would have been sweet to run this one together.  We're hoping to do that another day ("Once I forget the pain" Glenn says.  He's probably already forgotten knowing the eternal optimist he is!).

We were SO lucky to catch Glenn on this part-- we had been told the race started a half hour later than it did, so we had predicted a totally different time for him to arrive! We had only been there two minutes when this handsome guy came running up the hill.

His cute cheering squad!

Again, we were blessed!  We got to this corner RIGHT as Glenn came running by to cross the finish line.  Ten seconds  later and we would have missed his big moment!

Checking out Max's darling poster... he even included hidden pictures with a clue key on it :).

Ta-Da! He was AMAZING!

He might have been a little tired afterwards....