Friday, February 22, 2013

My Girl

Ali went through a stage where she wanted to play a tossing game a lot.  Every time,  before we were allowed to begin, we had to put those hats on.  I love that look on her face! 

Ali has become a full-fledged girl.  

Playing dollies, princess tea parties, dress-up, restaurant,  talking about getting married, painting nails, on and on.  This may seem like no big deal, but this is a change.  She was pretty much our little tom-boy tagging along with the boys until about 6 months ago. For some reason the boys and she made a bit of a split during their playtime.  When the boys went out, I was their replacement.  Funny thing, I find it a lot more fun to play the girl games than I did the boy ones :).  It's a pretty fun time to be her buddy.  I suppose a little of the tom-boy remains, she now prefers blue over pink because it was Jonas' favorite color...


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's About Time....

Dear Heidi.

You inspired me to finally post something.  Here are a million pictures- in anything but chronological order...  

A home-improvement project... putting shelves in our storage room . Glenn rocked it.
 I LOVE having shelving in there now!

Jonas' new favorite buddy-- his Dreamlite.
He asked me to take this picture of the two of them.  I love how ecstatic he can get about little things :).

Glenn's birthday!   Yeah, it was a little lame... I had gotten horribly sick that week so the best I could do was decorate, make a couple special meals, and have some gifts ready.  Usually we have an experience together (and I was planning a party for him), but that just wasn't possible this year.... sigh.  This picture makes me feel guilty.  We sure love this guy. Maybe we'll throw a happy half-birthday...
Oh, he is growing so fast.  And so handsome.  Sometimes I can't believe it happens this quickly.

Annual Gingerbread House making.  Yes, we go with the pre-fab kits.  I love those things. 

My birthday morning.  Nothing so perfect as having your favorite people around.
Max made me a Lego house for my birthday.  It was fun to sit in the morning light and play together.

For my birthday I was spoiled!  Glenn decorated so well and our amazing friends the Roans made  me a surprise dinner that was fantastic.  It was lovely!

*It was just our small family this year for Christmas morning, while getting to enjoy Michael and his family for Christmas Eve in their hotel room in San Diego.  IT WAS SO PERFECT. Family talent show followed by reading Luke 2.  We loved it all.  Well, minus the food poisoning we got from Marie Calendar's...

We got to have Micheal and Danielle's family stay with us a few days after Christmas.  HOW WE LOVE THEM!  

Editing our funny voice-over movie from the train station :)

Ali's 3!  She wanted a My Little Ponies cake.  She has already assigned us to do the same thing next year, but this time with a full bodied horse... :)  We adore this little girl-- her spunk and charm, intelligence, cuddles, and helpful ways.  She is independent and oh-so-perfect.  I am so glad she is ours!

Just because he cracks me up!  What would life be without this boy?  A lot less fun, I'm sure of that :).

Ali painted my nails!  She picked blue nail polish... her new favorite color. She was so proud. This was one of those sweet moments getting to be girly with my daughter. 

Oh, isn't she darling?!  My Aunt Kathy made this dress and we LOVE it.  I've been trying it on for half a year to see when it would fit.  Ali felt like a queen in a full length skirt.   

We were so lucky to have Grandma and Grandpa Harmon with us for Thanksgiving!  Seriously, isn't that love?  They came to see us despite the vast majority of their kids being in Utah for the holiday.  We felt utterly spoiled.  They came with their bags packed with fun-- puzzles to make, Chocolate Turkey Cupcakes to make, books and books to read, and fun games to play.  They are fantastic!  We could always keep them for a week longer-- or a year!  They made the holiday such a joy.

Such a cool Grandma!
Scott and Shawna came to visit!!!!  We felt so spoiled to get them for a couple days of their Cali trip.
We love these people!!!
                                                 I love this one.