Friday, June 22, 2012

There is so much I want to capture right here, and somehow will my children to not grow up anymore.  Max likes to tell me, "Mom, the bigger- the better!"  It's true, but I tell him to keep reminding me.

*Ali says she does not like chocolate.  It is the first time I have challenged our genetic ties.

*Jonas is 'composing' songs on the piano.  He gives them titles.  This is the title progression so far:  It's Hard to be a Wizard,  Channels of the Sky,  Channels of TV,  Channels of Wheat Thins, Channels of the Backpack.

*There seems to be no end to the potty humor from some of my children (it's mild, but still-- why is there such an enchantment with the words 'poop' and 'boogers'?!?!).  Yep, Jonas is in the other room teasing Ali that she has a poopy diaper right now. Sigh.

*The children have renamed their stuffed baby Po's (Panda from Kung Fu Panda) "Stinky Po".  The boys love to throw "Stink Po" in Ali's crib. This makes her cry.  I try to remind her he doesn't actually really stink.  I don't think it's sunk in yet.

*I had this lovely master plan to do a Joy School pre-school for Ali and Jonas this summer-- my plan was twice a week.  We are four weeks into summer and we have held two sessions. And they were on the same day.  Hmmm.

*Max has been in a cast all summer because he tripped on a brick and fell elbow first onto the cement.  Cracked the bottom of his Humerus.  X-rays. Appointments.  Stressful showers and no swimming.  Overall, he has been a champ.  It helps that he is passionate about building with Legos.

*Our neighbors next door have stolen my children's hearts. (I originally typed that as 'hearst'- ha!)  You know it is bad when your children watch their driveway to see when their car finally pulls in (I've seen them do the same, so at least they are equally yoked in affection!).  We love Laura, Aiden, and Owen.  I have forgotten the fine art of finding an excuse to go up to someone's door.  It is good to see these kids keeping that skill alive.

Getting the iPad feels like getting a new baby.  Only this is a technical baby and  the mother and father reverse roles.  I'm worried as can be that I'm going to break the thing if I touch it, and Glenn operates it as if he were born to do this.  Another sigh.

My sweet aunt sent me this dress for Ali.  

Max got his cast off, then the Dr. came in to tell us the fracture line was still too clear and he needed another cast put on for a couple more weeks.  That was a downer....

He had earned a Lego spaceship, which helped ease the pain.

The rest of summer has gone up in a blur of poppers, fake mustaches, water balloons, smileys (these are jelly beans), zoo, hiking, finger paints, Dreamworks, playdates, parks, and even Chuck E. Cheese.  Soon we'll add Utah and family to the list (and happily so!).  With the exception of some noise-sensitive retiree neighbors that make me feel claustrophobic should my children dare to make noise when they play outside* (gasp!)-- it has been an ideal, lovely summer.

  Tea Party 

*Why do older (mom and dad, this does not include you!) people forget what having children around sounds like? My kids aren't unreasonable and I am always on them to be not be loud outside (a real shame because that is where they should be free to have their louder play). ULGH.