Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Stuff....

I downloaded the images from Glenn's phone this week.... so here are a few things from our summer via phone camera :).

The kids had swimming lessons....
Miss Jennie was awesome.

 We signed our lives away with our lender and Escrow agent

*Yeah, this smile is a little forced... suddenly getting commitment issues as we signed.  
I'm glad to say they've dissipated.
Glenn was amazing and stayed calm and sure of our decision.  I'm sure glad he was there.

 Max began 2nd Grade!

3D movies at Dreamworks (they TERRIFY Ali.  After 25 minutes of her hiding under her blanket and sweating profusely, I finally took her out.  It was a very sincere "Thanks Mom" she gave me after that.  We'll not try that again with her for awhile.)

The kids figured out this trick with jelly bracelets...

Glenn took care of the kids for a weekend while I went to Utah for a friend's wedding.  He is such a good Dad!

We're starting to see Hotel Transylvania advertising!
(This is the movie Glenn worked on at Sony!)

Some shoes we bought for and upcoming wedding... I've been practicing daily in those things. 
It's all fun and games until someone rolls an ankle... (knock on wood, hasn't happened yet!)

 Max lost that blasted tooth!

Glenn made an awesome art piece for an LA shop's art show.  Japanese film was the theme. 
 Godzilla is about the most we know about Japanese film!  That is bent wire, by the way.

Playing tennis for date night... love the intensity?

Rat Abatement... Eek! and Hooray! all rolled into one.