Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Comings and Goings...

We love the train museum!  Especially the little train ride around it. However, I seem to be the only one who looks happy about it in the pic below...

My dear Amy who is getting MARRIED this month!  This photo makes me think of the term "through thick and thin" :)  haha!

Love the zoo.
 Kind of underestimated how hard that one would be on a prego body.
Hills and heat and crowds- oh my!

9th Anniversary!

Fun princess party at our friend's house!

Dr. Visit.  Making sure it wasn't strep...

Max earned $100 for Legos for eating veggies for a month.  This was HUGE in our house.

Jonas earning $ for his heart's desire... a fart gun.  Ulgh.

Jonas' sports class... he awesome at it. And... he loves it!

Gabriel and Malachi came to visit!
We had fun at Disneyland, parks, bowling, Chuck E. Cheese, baking, and playing games-- I can't believe how OLD these two are getting!  

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