Wednesday, November 30, 2011


See, see- I'm cooking! I'm not that horrible, right?!

Ali insisted in eating in the baby's chair. I think it is so interesting- sometimes they want to be SO big, and sometimes they want to be small again.

I LOVED Thanksgiving this year. Whenever someone asks about it, I get a goofy smile and say "It was wonderful!"

My sweet cousin Morgan lives about 3 hrs. north of us in a rural town. So, we were blessed to go and be with them this year. Morgan and her sweet family really live a country life- and I think I am about ready to move in next door. Glenn kept looking at me during the trip and saying, "I'm surprised, you seem so relaxed." Well, apparently some good family around and a few acres of dirt and ditch for my kids to safely run and play in is exactly my cup of tea. I'm only half-kidding when I say I'm ready to go move in next door (which would be like 5-10 acres away, but isn't that beautiful?!).

I'm sure it also helped that my sweet cousin (who, did I mention is due to have her fourth baby in a week and a half?) took care of the turkey, potatoes, pie, stuffing, gravy, rolls, juice... Lest you think I am the worst cousin in the world, I did call and offer her an out of this. But, she insisted it was okay- and I gladly took the bait and a few side dishes, and didn't look back.

Thanks Morgan and Joel for such a happy holiday!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Family Pics

We grabbed a good friend Friday night on a whim and went for some quick family pictures on Saturday morning. The first one is definitely one of my favorites (shows the true nature of things): Ali is utterly finished, you can see Max's missing tooth, and Jonas is just off in his own little world (he is our dreamer). It just fits us well right now.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Burbank Home Part 2...

Bathroom...that shower and I are no longer enemies.
Tile showers aren't as creepy as I thought.

Backyard (this is the deck Jonas painted)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Burbank Place Part 1.....

I like to know where people are living... maybe it's nosy (spelling?), maybe it's just curiosity. For those of you like me, here's a stitched together look at a good portion of our little Burbank home that was built in the 40's. Blogger is being weird and limiting my picture content, so this is part 1!

*Glenn has been sweet to take these for me- I had forgotten how hard it was to try to show a room in a 2D shot... I'm grateful he is around! If you were invited to this blog, it means we like you and we are hoping you come to visit us here!

Living room/Dining Room:

Kids' Room
(Yes, we still put all three in one! I can't live without a playroom...)

(I have a love/hate relationship with this room.... it's functional, but doesn't allow one to really thrive!)


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lovely Families

I promise I will post some about
our new home,
Max's lost tooth,
a rainbow of emotions daily,
Glenn's new job with Dreamworks, etc.
very soon.... but right now I have to have the first thing on my blog be this:

I am so grateful for lovely families.
I learn from them everyday.
I glean from them.
I crave to incorporate every good thing I see or learn or read from them.

I love reading about them in blogs, seeing them at the school pick-up, meeting them at MOPS meetings. Today I am so very grateful for good homes and loving parents all over.

You make me happy.

Thank you.