Friday, November 16, 2012

Some Days Are Better Than Others...

First-world problems are really lame, I know.  And I know:

“No misfortune is so bad that whining about it won’t make it worse.”― Jeffrey R. Holland

But maybe I don't feel better until a little whining escapes.  And since my blog went private, this is probably one of the quietest spots in the cyber world to go ahead and let it out...

Today has not been stellar.  I skipped my morning run to be home to help my brother and sister-in-law out the door for their Disney trip.  In doing so, I made a quick trip to the store for a few items for them (in glasses, no make-up, and hair up in a completely unromantic bun... no, not the cute sloppy ones-   the "I do this when I shower so it doesn't all get wet" fashion. I only mention this because people treat you so differently when you look like a scrounge vs. dolled up for the day... ).  I was in a hurry to get back to the house so when I was backing up out of my parking spot, I disregarded the honking car down the isle who I assumed was mad because he had to wait for me to finish backing out.  

Until I heard the crunch.  

Yep, apparently while my eyes were on that car down the isle I thought was honking at me, I was completely missing the guy who was actually behind me. Ulgh.

The timing is almost comical.  I've been waiting three years for a similar accident to fall off my record... and those three years were up at the end of this insurance cycle (backed into a black car parked at night on a street with no lights-- it was not possible to see and had been hit there several times!). Lest you think I don't look behind me when I back up-- I really do!  Apparently, I just have a blind spot that appears every three years...

I gave the guy my insurance information and told him we would be interested in probably paying out of pocket for the repair.  He left and immediately called insurance to make the claim.  Ulgh.  I should've worn some make-up today.  Pretty (I'm taking liberties here) crying women are a lot more mercy-inducing than sniveling homeless looking ones. 

This times out at the same time that our kitchen sink has been out of commission (we are on day 5 here... dying) because of an issue with the piping.  Almost every dish in my house lays dirty on the counter or in the sink.  The plumber didn't keep his appointment.  

Meanwhile, I let the kids have friends over for a couple hours after school.  I spent the time as referee between the older ones and the younger ones.  Afterwards, my friend picked up her kids and I learned that I had apparently missed a Parents-come-show-you-love-your-child-by-coming-to-lunch-today-and-only-the-highly-deprived-unloved-children-will-be-left-standing-without-a-McDonald's-happymeal day at school.  THERE WAS NO FLYER ABOUT THIS.  No phone call (this is the school that calls three times to tell you about the change in the fire drill). I felt awful.

If I didn't already feel like a failure for raising our insurance rates, I sure felt like a failure for leaving my 2nd grader sitting alone today (although he says he sat with some other friends whose parents weren't there... I don't think the teacher sent the flyer home... but maybe I genuinely missed it.  That could happen too.).

A hole suddenly appeared in our other bathroom sink as well.  I was hearing money flush down the drain all day today.  Ulgh.

Top it off with PMS, and I was feeling like the queen of losers.

But then I went to a Stake camp meeting.  The ladies there are awesome and I felt a little more human.  And I called my big brother and literally BAWLED my eyes out-- and he told me I was doing a good job, to let the claim go through insurance, and that he understood and "This Too Shall Pass", oh- and that he loved me. My friend brought pizza over with salad and cookies when she picked up her kids. Then I found a bundle of love notes nested under some flowers on my kitchen table from my perfect Glenn and sweet, sweet children. And to top it off, Glenn even bought me fresh Hostess Cupcakes (oh, my heart swoons... I dream I'm eating Hostess cupcakes at night on fast Sundays. I . Love. Them.)

And you know what-- my day got a lot better.  I ended the day feeling more in love with Glenn than ever.  I felt a rush of gratitude for family that catches you when you fall on a rough day (even for stupid things like backing into a car in the parking lot)- and the world felt a lot brighter and lighter.  If ever I had a testimony of family, it was yesterday when I learned that aside from really liking them,  I really need them too.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day of Love...

My sweet cousin Lauren got married on Oct. 20th... which according to my dollar store calendar is the Day of Love.  Hmmm.  Valentine's seems to have a competitor.  Don't tell the merchandisers.

Sweet Lauren had asked me to be a bridesmaid years ago.  I, very honored, happily agreed.  But as the real wedding day approached, I felt a bit of trepidation to be a 32-yr-old, mother-of-three bridesmaid standing next to young 20-yr-old lasses.  Lucky for me, I was not the only married-and-over-30 gal in the line!  Hooray for eclectic combos of bridesmaids!  I have to say I am SO glad I didn't let my trepidation on this one stop me from saying yes-- it was such a sweet time with Lauren.  She is lovely, grateful, kind, and she was not at all nervous!   I loved the chance to get to do her hair and talk on the afternoon of her wedding.  What a gorgeous Texas bride she made...

Beautiful Lo and her oldest daughter-- such a pretty flower girl!

Aunt Pam and Uncle Mike were so darling dancing together.  During one song that featured a guitar solo, they stopped dancing, both played air guitar, then began dancing again totally on cue when the music came back on.  It was completely spontaneous.  And completely awesome.

Dad and I also had a blast dancing to some songs.
We took a dance class together before I got married, and I had forgotten what a great dancer he is!  Definitely a fun time.
No air guitar solos for us though. 

I got to meet Trent's girlfriend of six year, Beth.  I LOVED her.  Even more, I loved them together.  Happy, kind, solid.  
I really love that guy.

My rock-star famous cousin, Tanner.  He is so talented.  


The mansion was so pretty-- this is the Bride's room where I got to do Lauren's hair.

After the wedding, we hopped back in the car and headed down to Pam and Mike's Galveston home.  I had no idea what a treat I was in for.  We were not there 20 hours, but in that time, we were able to go boating, kayaking, swimming, caught a blue crab, walking the dogs, and lots of fun conversations.  Their home is incredible-- banana trees, mandarin orange bush, frogs, owls, fish, blue crabs... it was amazing.  I am dying to take them up on their offer to let me bring my whole family out there.  

We were supposed to be making funny serious faces here, but apparently I failed. 

Love these guys.  SO. MUCH.

This is the back of the house.  INCREDIBLE= Just lower the boat, or jet skis, or kayaks into the water and go!

These were the bridesmaid shirts.  It reveals her two great loves: Texas A&M, and her two beautiful Huskies.
The shirts read:  "Gig 'em and Get Married" and "Howlelujah it's finally here". 

 I think one of the best parts of this trip was to remember there is a fun me inside somewhere.  I had fun.  I was genuinely playful and relaxed.  I didn't think that existed in me anymore...  It was hopeful to know it's still in there!  Just wish I could have had Glenn there with me :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I think we've established that Halloween is a favorite for the Harmon household.  But this year I must confess that I had too much of it!  Trunk-or-Treat, school parades, pre-school trick or treating (both classes), community carnival, Dreamworks party, and good ol' trick-or treating around the neighborhood....  I may be a grinch, but I was sure sick of it by the end!
Next year, I believe we will simplify.
At least, that is the hope.

After Glenn and I collapsed on the couch, we awoke at 2 am to remember that today (Nov. 1st) is Ali's birthday-- eek!  Using every shred of love we have for her, we hauled our bodies up and decorated the dining room for her.  It paid off this morning when she said, "Mom, this sure was a lot of work!".
Sweet girl.

I'll cover Ali's b-day later, for now-- here are our Halloween highlights:

Dreamworks has some pretty cool stuff going around their Halloween party!

Glenn and his crew all dressed up as their director, Ale.
 However, he looks a WHOLE LOT like my  Uncle Bob in this picture.

Jonas was in Heaven at the How To Train Your Dragon station at the Dreamwork's Halloween party... He has dreamed of his own blue dragon for years.  Now if only these were still available to buy...

Glenn made this Monster for on top of our house and helped make a good rig for it with a good friend of ours.  It turned out great and next year we'll add some fingers coming over the roof too.

Glenn's pumpkin for the Dreamworks competition.  It is the main character, Dan, from the movie he is working on "Me and My Shadow".  The shadow has it's own break-away personality from Dan... shown so skillfully here :).  Kind of kills me that Glenn can sculpt as well as draw.  It's awesome, but I'm jealous.

Trunk or Treat with our friends from next door.  They are such a sweet family.